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Red Hat Admin Networking


  • Weekend Track (5 Weeks) – Sundays (10:00–17:00)
    Evening Track (5 Weeks) – Every Mon & Wed (18:30–21:30)
  • Course Fee: £1500 + VAT
  • Industry Expert and Certified Instructors
  • Training Venue: Central London Location
  • Tutor Led Classroom Training

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Course Information

Red Hat's performance-based certifications are among the most highly regarded in the industry., If you are familiar with linux environment it's worth your while to become a certified Red Hat professional. Fast track and get some training before you get attempt to get any of the industry-recognized certifications.

Red Hat Network Engineer, Linux Administrator, Network Administrator, System Engineer, Support Engineer, Network Architect, Network Design Engineer, Red Hat System Engineer, Red Hat Network Consultant.

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We have immaculate learning facilities with state of art technology, fully equipped with high specs latest servers, workstations and software.

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We also provide Free Wifi Internet, Refreshment, Water, Tea and Coffee Facilities.

Registration Process

Speak with course advisor about Red Hat training in London. Call us: 0207 256 7722

Course Highlights

Red Hat Admin Networking

  • Introduction to Linux and OS
  • The Linoux File system In-Depth
  • Introduction to String Processing
  • Investigating and Managing Processes
  • Installation, System Initialization and Services, GRUB
  • Kernel Services and Configuration, RPM and Kickstart
  • User Administration, Printing and Administration Tools
  • The X Window System, Advanced File system Management
  • Troubleshooting, Introduction to System Services
  • Introduction to System Services
  • Network File Sharing Services
  • Electronic Mail Services
  • The HTTP Service, Security Concerns and Policy
  • Security Concerns and Policy
  • Authentication Services, Securing Networks
  • Securing Services, Securing Data

Course Fee: £1500 + VAT

  • Hands-on Tutor Led Training
  • Classroom Based Practical Training
  • Unlimited Practice Lab Access
  • Small Size Class and Interactive Sessions
  • Lab Exercises
  • Project Work
  • WiFi Internet
  • Refreshments
  • Completion Certificate
  • Free Re-training
  • The course fee excludes VAT
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Pay Monthly.

Interest Free Installments Upto 1 Year.


Course Syllabus

Introduction to Linux and OS

  • Running Commands and Getting Help
  • Browsing the File system
  • The bash Shell
  • Users, Groups, and Permissions
  • vi and vim Editor Basics

The Linux File system In-Depth

  • Configuring the Bash Shell
  • Advanced Topics in Users, Groups and Permissions
  • Advanced vi/vim and Printing

Introduction to String Processing

  • String Processing with Regular Expressions
  • Standard I/O and Pipes
  • Finding and Processing Files

Investigating and Managing Processes

  • bash Shell Scripting
  • Network Clients


  • Understanding different types of installation methods
  • Installation on a standalone machine
  • Installation through NFS, FTP, HTTP

System Initialization and Services

  • Boot sequence overview


  • Understanding different run levels

Kernel Services and Configuration

  • Understanding kernel modules and /proc file system
  • Kernel tuning with sysctl

File system Management

  • Understanding ext2 / ext3 file systems
  • Understanding fdisk,e2label,mount, umount commands

Network Configuration

  • Understanding and configuring IP addresses, name resolution, default and static routes
  • Network diagnostics

RPM and Kickstart

  • Understanding RPM package manager
  • Using Kickstart to automate installation

User Administration

  • Adding new user accounts
  • Group administration
  • Modifying / deleting accounts
  • Access control lists (ACLs)

Printing and Administration Tools

  • Understanding and configuring printing system (CUPS)
  • Automation of jobs with At & Cron
  • Understanding different types of backups and backup strategy

The X Window System

  • Understanding X server architecture and security

Advanced File system Management

  • Understanding RAID levels
  • Configuring different types of software RAID levels (0,1 and 5)
  • Understanding and configuring LVM
  • Understanding and configuring Linux Quota system


  • Understanding troubleshooting techniques for X, Network, Boot problems
  • Recovering corrupted file systems, run levels
  • Understanding rescue environment and utilities

Introduction to System Services

  • Understanding and configuring System V Service management
  • Understanding and configuring Xinetd based services

Organizing Networked Systems

  • Understanding DNS service, BIND and different types of DNS servers
  • Configuring DNS (master, slave and caching-only) servers.
  • Understanding and configuring DHCP server

Network File Sharing Services

  • Understanding and configuring NFS server and clients
  • Configuring autofs, NFS security
  • Understanding and Configuring FTP server and clients
  • Understanding SAMBA server
  • Configuring SAMBA for heterogeneous environment
  • SAMBA security

Electronic Mail Services

  • Sendmail configuration
  • Postfix configuration
  • Procmail configuration for delivery

The HTTP Service

  • Understanding APACHE
  • Configuring APACHE with virtual hosting
  • Understanding SQUID proxy
  • Configuring SQUID proxy with ACL

Security Concerns and Policy

  • Understanding principles of security, security practices, security policies and response strategies.

Authentication Services

  • Understanding NIS and daemons at NIS (server, slave and clients)
  • Configuring NIS (master), NIS (slave) and NIS clients.
  • System Monitoring
  • Understanding file system analysis, log file analysis, process and system activity monitoring

Securing Networks

  • Firewall (IP Tables configuration)
  • Routing & NAT

Securing Services

  • Understanding and configuring tcp_wrappers
  • Configuring security for Xinetd based services.

Securing Data

  • Understanding and configuring Open SSH and Digital Certificates

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Time Table and Pricing

This is an On-Demand course. Please call us on 0207 256 7722 to arrange the training as per your requirement.

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