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Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer


  • 4 Weeks Regular Track (6 Hrs per Week)
  • Course Fee: £1250 + VAT
  • Industry Expert and Certified Instructors
  • Training Venue: Central London Location
  • Tutor Led Classroom Training

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Course Information

Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Course

Career Prospect

Java web developer, Java JSP Programmer, Java E-commerce Developer, Java Web Consultant, Java Software Architect, Oracle Java Developer, Oracle Java Application Developer, Oracle Software Consultant, Java Software Engineer, Software Architect, Software Programmer, System Analyst.

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We have immaculate learning facilities with state of art technology, fully equipped with high specs latest servers, workstations and software.

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We also provide Free Wifi Internet, Refreshment, Water, Tea and Coffee Facilities.

Registration Process

Speak with course advisor about Jave Web Developer training in London. Call us: 0207 256 7722

Course Highlights

Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer

  • Java Servlets
  • InDesign Workspace
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Model-View-Controller MVC Design
  • HTTP Protocol
  • Servlets and JSPs
  • More view facilities
  • JSP scripting elements
  • Model, JDBC JPA
  • AJAX
  • JSTL, JSP Common Tags
  • Web application security

Course Fee: £700 + VAT

  • Hands-on Tutor Led Training
  • Classroom Based Practical Training
  • Unlimited Practice Lab Access
  • Small Size Class and Interactive Sessions
  • Lab Exercises
  • Project Work
  • WiFi Internet
  • Refreshments
  • Completion Certificate
  • Free Re-training
  • The course fee excludes VAT
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Pay Monthly.

Interest Free Installments Upto 1 Year.


Course Syllabus

Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Course Outline

Java Servlets

  • Web applications, CGI, and the role of Java
  • Java servlet technology and Java Servlet
  • Define three-tier architecture and Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture

Java Server Pages (JSP)

  • Describe why Servlets are not the whole solution
  • Describe essentials of JSPs
  • Understand the fundamentals and reasons for MVC architecture

Implementing an Model-View-Controller MVC Design

  • Code view and a controller using a servlet and JSP
  • Forward control from a servlet to a JSP, EL
  • Implement a simple MVC system

Servlet's environment and HTTP Protocol

  • HTTP protocol, HTML Forms, HttpServlet and APIs
  • Write code that manages client sessions and cookies

Container facilities for servlets and JSPs

  • Structure of deployment descriptors
  • Control context root and servlet mapping
  • Create and use context and init parameters
  • Use annotations to configure servlets

More view facilities

  • Four data scopes, EL dot and Array access operators
  • Java Beans, arrays, and collections
  • Arithmetic expressions in EL
  • Iteration and selection in the view, and use JSTL tags to address those needs

JSP pages

  • Origins, benefits, and weaknesses of JSPs
  • Describe JSP technology, the conversion of JSPs to servlets, and the lifecycle of JSPs
  • Understand JSP scripting elements, declarations and directives
  • Understand and use jsp: tags

JSP pages using custom tags

  • Relate the JSTL to common job roles in web application development
  • Understand the use of tags in JSP development
  • Configure a JSP to use tags from the JSTL
  • Write JSP code using several standard tags
  • List capabilities of JSTL tags

More Controller facilities

  • Servlet lifecycle
  • Advanced elements of the servlet APIs
  • Create filters and use them in web applications


  • JDBC and JPA
  • Elements that make up the model
  • Fundamentals of connecting to a database using JDBC or JPA

Asynchronous web applications

  • Interactions that are essential to asynchronous web pages
  • AJAX-style client side programming
  • Implement asynchronous servlets using the facilities of Java EE 6

Web application security

  • Understand the role of the container in security
  • Four authentication models
  • Force the use of encryption between a web application and the client browser
  • Understand the role of JAAS in pluggable/extensible authentication for web applications

What Our Customers says

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Time Table and Pricing

This is an On-Demand course. Please call us on 0207 256 7722 to arrange the training as per your requirement.

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